Stay Free! – Social reintegration of persons deprived of liberty

Bleib draussen! Soziale Reintegration von Strafentlassenen in Rumänien

General objective: Developing a program of social reintegration of inmates.
The project wants to contribute to the development of a system of services that contribute to increasing the chances of social reintegration of inmates, reducing a number of relapses and increase community safety. It is developed based on the National Strategy of Social Reintegration of the Persons Deprived of Liberty 2015 -2017 approved by the Government Decision on 27 May 2015.

Specific Objectives
Participation of inmates in social reintegration programs.
Developing a network of institutions in a number of communities to be actively involved in assisting post detention;
Developing services for detainees during detention and post detention by NGOs;
Activity 1 Training
General training and transfer of accredited programs conducted by GRADO and ANP for project new staff that and the staff in prisons who will apply the programs
1.2 Exchange of expertise from Switzerland and adaptation at the context from Romania
Study visit in Switzerland and participating in similar activities carried out by experts in Switzerland.

Activity 2. Delivering programs for pro-social skills of offenders
2.1 Delivering program in 3 prisons.

Activity 3. Development of a network of institutions from the community
3.1 The identification of those public institutions that are open to cooperation with NGOs social reintegration of inmates.
3.2 Establish services or resources in the selected communities
Involvement of employers to offer jobs
3.3 To develop reintegration plans
3.4 Implementation of reintegration plans for selected people
3.5 Analysis of the implemented reintegration plans

Activity 4. Preparation of a plan for continuing post release assistance
Activity 5. Project Management

Expected Results
Number of people that will benefit from the project:
– 300 inmates;
– 700 – members of families of inmates;
– 12 prison staff will carry new reintegration activities with inmates;
– Development of the capacity of NGOs to provide programs for reducing the risks for relapse of offenders;
– Development of the capacity of NGOs to prepare a plan for social reintegration after release from prison;
– Development of a network of Public and private institutions from selected communities that are prepared to assist ex-offenders;
– Development of pro-social life skills for inmates;
– Development of social inclusion post release plan for ex-offenders.

Project period: February 2017 – January 2019.

Project funded by Canton Zurich Lotery.