Women’s rights Protection

To be a woman is not a handicap. A woman is just being different from a man. But someone had the idea to measure differences between men and women in superiority and inferiority and wake up in full war of sexes, in full competition, whether we want it or not, and regardless of how we feel or think, we are thrown from a camp or another.


  • to create a strategy for intervention and support for women in crisis situations;
  • to form a multidisciplinary group of specialists to strengthen intervention and non-discriminatory practices;
  • to create a material base and logistics network with other organizations: day care centers and shelters for women and children victims of domestic violence.


  1. Assistance program for women in detention and after release social reintegration
  2. Pandora’s Box – Day Center in Pitesti
  3. Help yourself – Pandora’s Box Day Center, Pitesti

 Women’s rights protection