Projects developed within the legal assistance program

Assistance Program for Women inprisoned at Targsor Prison
Period: 1995 – 1996
Financed by EU, Phare Democracy Program

Assistance to inmates – Targsor, Jilava, Gaesti and Craiova prisons – human rights monitoring in prison and rehabilitation centers
Period: 01/09/1996 – 01/08/1997
Financed by EU, Phare LIEN Program

Legal assistance and monitoring the administration justice program
Period: 02/01/1997 – 03/31/1998
Finance – Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest, Phare Democracy Program

The right to be ordinary
Period: 01.01.1999 – 31.12.1999
Partners: Estuar Foundation
Donor: Open Society Foundation

Pandora’s Box – education to regain self-respect for victimized women
Period: 03.13.1998 – 31.05.1999
Sponsors: European Union – LIEN Phare Program and the Open Society Foundation – Bucharest

Pandora’s Box – A new chance by law
Period: 01/05/1999 – 04/30/2000
Donor: Open Society Foundation

Help yourself
Period: 01/06/2000 – 01/05/2001
Financed by the European Union – Phare LIEN Program

Legal advice and assistance on voluntary basis
Period: 01.07.1999 – present
Partners: General Directorate of Prisons, Estuar Foundation, Arges Police County Department