Protection of women rights

GRADO initiated activities in preventing and fighting the domestic violence against women in March 1998 with the project Pandora’s Box implemented in Pitești. We continued with many projects focused in assisting women victims of domestic violence. More details are available in About GRADO/ GRADO history.

While assisting victims of domestic violence we identified the necessity to improve the legislation framework to efficiently protect the women.


Advocacy for modification of the law for prevention and combating violence in the family in Romania


Partners: Transcena Association and GRADO


Aim:  to advocate for modification of the Law for prevention and combating the violence in the family according to European standards


  1. Working group for the elaboration of the modifications to the law proposal on behalf of relevant stakeholders

The working group will include NGO’s, Representatives of relevant public institutions and Independent experts

Expected results: an webpage for the project and debates, map of the ongoing legislative process, documentation – translation from / in Romanian, elaboration of the modification to the law proposal on behalf of relevant stakeholders

  1. Organizing the group of supporters and allies
    1. Identifying supporters and allies – this activity will develop starting October
    2. Collecting opinions and statements from the supporters and allies
  2. Public campaign to promote the need to have a new law for the protection of victims of violence in the family
    1. Preparation of the campaign

 i.    Elaboration of the campaign message and campaign slogan based upon the work of the group which prepares the modifications

 ii.    Issue of one poster for the campaign

iii.    Preparation of media event and network of distribution of the poster

v i.    Press conference

v.    Promoting the message of the campaign in the radio broadcasts

    1. Development of the campaign

It is difficult to determine the exact dimension of the events in the campaign due to the short time remained until the beginning of the campaign

    1. Advocacy in the Parliament and follow up of the legislative process
    2. Discussion with the MP supporter of our initiative in order to determine her role in the advocacy plan
    3. Identifying new MP supporters of the initiative
    4. Sending an official Letter of intention signed by all the NGO’s members of the working group, supporters and allies to the Senate/members of the Senate


Results achieved in 2010

  1. Lobbying in the Senate Chamber

 Meetings with a representatives of the the Commission for Equality of Opportunities between Men and Women of the Senate – Senator Elena Mitrea

A round table was organized within the Senate in December the 8th 2010. Organizers: Commission for Equality of Opportunities between Men and Women, Transcena and GRADO. Participants: Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of Justice, Police, National Committee for Combating Discrimination, NGOs and press. A number of 32 participants were present. The main topic was the necessity to introduce in the law efficient protection measures.

The information about the round table was sent in the media and the next day after the event images were posted on YouTube.






  1. Campaign to promote the change in the lagislation about violence in the family


In the period between the 4th and the 9th of December 2010 – Distribution of 450 flyers similar to some advertising material people can find in supermarkets so that the public would be knoledgeable towards how to use the flyer.

 The material contained a question and the answers from the public was that 76,6 % of the respondents answered in favor of restricting the access of the batterer near the victim. In the same poll only 15,8 % of the respondents answered in favor of the current provision of the law.


Results achieved in 2011


Elaboration of a proposal to modify the draft legislation proposals debated in the Chamber of Deputies – working group with experts and NGOs representatives active in the area.

Proposals to modify the draft legislation sent to the Juridical Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

Letters of support from other Non Governmental Organizations – 40 support signatures to our proposal for modification of the draft legislation.

Participation to Juridical Commission debates on the draft legislation.

Participation to the public demonstration regarding the legislation on domestic violence.

Letters requesting to include our proposals in the law sent to the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies