Association TRANSCENA


GRADO (Romanian Association for Human Rights Protection Group),

CPE (Center for Partnership and Equality),

ARTEMIS CLUJ (The Association of Women against Violence),

The Foundation SENSIBLU


FILIA Center


ANAIS Association



To develop an advocacy campaign focused on the stakeholders designated by the Law 217/2003 reissued in order to rush out the implementation of the Strategy at National Level in the field of Preventing and Combating Violence in the Family and the Action Plan provided in the Strategy particularly the protection order.


  • To develop an public information campaign promoting the protection order
  • To develop an advocacy campaign for the urgent implementation of the Action Plan stipulated in  the Strategy at National Level in the field of Preventing and Combating Violence in the Family  by central authorities in partnership with NGOs
  • To monitor the implementation of the Law 217/2003 reissued primarily the implementation of the protection order and the development of services for victims

 Duration: 12 month


 After a process of advocacy by the civil society sector during 7 years a critical mass was produced and the political class accepted the need expressed by the civil partners, finally the Parliament discussed and voted the modifications of the Law against violence in the family (217/2003 reissued). The main changes were:

  • Introducing the protection order
  • Abrogating the compulsory character of mediation

The changes we did not obtain are:

  • The change of the name of the law – it must be the low about domestic violence not about violence in the family
  • The focus of the law on woman victims
  • The exclusive right of the women victim to file a complaint

The new law came into force the 12th of May 2012. The responsibility for implementing the law goes to The Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Welfare which has the task to work together with the institutions designated by the law as main actors in the implementation of law. The main instruments for implementation stipulate by the law are:

–        The Strategy at National Level in the Field of Preventing and Combating Violence in the Family

–        An internal mechanism responsible with the coordination and monitoring of activities in the field

–        A multi institutional team that should function in each county and in each sector of Bucharest

In early December 2012 the Government approved the Strategy. Immediately after this, parliamentarian election took place, but fortunately the Ministry Of Labor remains under the coordination of the Liberal Party. This means that we can work with the same people in our advocacy campaign and this increases our chances for the success of the advocacy


 The project we propose aims to respond to the following needs emphasized above:

  • Insure the urgent implementation of the Action Plan contained in the Strategy
  • Monitoring the current implementation of the Protection Order and existing services for victims in order to efficiently and correctly update the secondary legislation
  • Focus the NGO field

In the framework of this project we respond to this with the following actions:

  • Information campaign on the Protection Order. This campaign will be address to general public and particularly women at risk.
  • Monitor the issue of protection orders by the judges and the work of the police based upon the provisions of the law. We want to find out how many protection orders were issued, when, where, if and how they were enforced, have the field police officers been briefed on the protection order. The status of the implementation of the protection order is the priority for us because it is the change in the law the most relevant for the safety of the victim and the first step in the process of women becoming more confident in rejecting the domestic abuse.
  • Monitor the services provided for victims of violence in the family. In accordance with the law now exists 5 types of centers: 4 types for victims and 1 type for the aggressor: shelter, recovery and counseling center for victims, day center for counseling the aggressor, center for preventing and combating violence in the family, center for information and raising awareness of the population. The local authorities finance these centers through the social welfare territorial units provided by the law of the national social welfare system. The problem in practice is that within these centers one specialist has tasks concerning various types of victims but mainly she is specialized in child protection. This creates a big difference between the list of services available issued by the Ministry and the actual services available for the women victims on the field. We need to find out the real level of services existent and functioning in the present in order to prepare an efficient implementation of the action plan more to the point to help improve the new methodological norms for services.
  • Networking in the group of NGOs with experience in the field and/or interested in being active. The individual initiatives of NGOs are in this particular field not as strong as the common actions. Due to different orientation of the initial training of NGOs the common ground it is not easy to obtain but it is possible.

There is the risk that by the time we can start activities in this project the Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Welfare will have already obtain the approval of the Strategy in order to accumulate the leverage in the election campaign. Therefore we design the activities in the campaign to target both the urgent approval and the implementation. The way we see the problem the implementation of the Strategy will need a greater deal of effort then the approval and this will also need a strong pressure and monitoring as we pointed out above.

 Activity plan

 Activity 1 – Management

Activity 2 – Advocacy and information campaign for the urgent implementing of the Strategy at National Level fin the Field of Preventing and Combating Violence in the Family

Activity 3 –    Monitoring the issue and implementation of the protection order at

Activity 4 – Monitoring the services for victims of domestic violence available in the country

Activity 5 – Networking and working group of NGOs in order to elaborate a common platform for cooperation with the aim of constantly monitoring the activity of the governmental institutions at national level

Activity 6 – Communication management on the Transcena site, blog and facebook account

Activity 7 – Evaluation

 Expected results:

  • 1 awerness campaign implemented
  • 1 advocacy campaign implemented
  • 1 monitoring report of the implementation of protection order
  • 1 monitoring report of existing services for victims
  • A network of NGOs active in the area