Letter to Ministry of Justice and Ministry of European Funds

20 NGOs signed a letter addressed to the Romanian Ministry of Justice and to Romanian Ministry of European Funds requesting an urgent improvment in the quality of the activity as Program Operator in the framework of the  Norway Grants program 2009 – 2014.

Letter to Romanian Ministry of Justice and to Ministry of European Funds

The letter signals the lack of transparency of the Romanian Ministry of Justice in organizing consultations with NGOs active in the fields covered by the pre – defined projects.

NGOs are requesting the modification of the guide for projects call R 20 – Domestic and Gender-based Violence and elimination of discriminatory conditions imposed to NGO în comparison with public institutions that may apply. Another modification proposed is to include the criteria of previous experience in the project area.

NGOs are requesting the Romanian Ministry of Justice to publish of all documents related to all three programs: R0 20– Domestic and Gender-based Violence, , RO23 –  Correctional Services, including Non-custodial Sanctions și RO24 – Judicial Capacity-building and Cooperation.