On 25th of February 2016, GRADO organizes in Bucharest the Final conference of the project Justice Involving Volunteers In Europe (JIVE) – Celebrating Volunteering in the Criminal Justice System with 120 participants.

jive_logo_rgb_low-resJIVE[1] is a two year project, funded by the European Commission which establishes a partnership of 8 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from across Europe (Brik Institute-University Of Bremen- Germany[2]; Aproximar- Portugal[3]; Stichting 180- Netherlands[4]; Penal Justice Reform- Romania[5]; BAGazs- Hungary[6]; Clinks- England& Wales [7]; Cooperativa SocialeCellarius- Italy[8]; GRADO- Romania[9]) working within the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in order to exchange ideas and share good practice regarding volunteers.

The aim of the conference is to promote and celebrate the value of volunteers working in the criminal justice system and the new forms of cross sector partnerships working to complement the delivery of services for (ex) offenders and their families and victims of crime.

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[2]Brik Institute-University Of Bremen- Germany-

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[4] Stichting 180- Netherlands

[5] Penal Justice Reform- Romania-

[6]BAGazs- Hungary

[7] Clinks- England& Wales

[8] Cooperativa SocialeCellarius

[9]GRADO- Romania