Come To March!

Organizing the 4th edition of the March “Together for Women’s Safety!” started with the submission of the march approval application to the Bucharest City Hall on 14 September 2018 by the Filia Center on behalf of the Network of NGOs Fighting the Violence Against Women. The organizers of the march were programmed at the Commission organized within the City Hall to analyze the request and to elaborate the respective protocol, setting the details of the deployment – the time schedule, the place of the route and the place of completion. Because the organisers had a history in organizing the event the discussions were concise. At the request of the police representative who participated in the commission we had to accept the change of the final point of the march.

The next commission we attended for the endorsement was the Technical Circulation Commission where the organization is very poor. You go in the first hour at the entrance to the City Hall were you enlist and then starting at 10:00 you stay in front of the door and wait for your turn. You will enter the Commission if you are on the agenda of the day that is handed to those waiting at the beginning of the Commission’s work. We arrived at the Town Hall at 9:00 and received the written agremeent from this Commission at 16:00.

The agreement of the Technical Commission of Circulation is not valid without obtaining the opinion of the POLICE Road Brigade. I mention that a representative of the Road Brigade participates in the work of the Technical Commission for Traffic but does not have the mandate to give the opinion of the Road Brigade.

In order to obtain the Notice from the Road Brigade, a new file must be drawn up which must include, among other documents, the Protocols with the City Hall, proof of payment of a fee of 100 lei or 200 if the urgent opinion is requested and the opinion from the Bucharest Street Administration.

At each of these institutions, you have to go twice to submit your application and get the writen responses.

In addition, because we are gathering in the University Square on the corner with the Coltea Hospital, we had to ask for the opinion from the City Hall Sector 3. Fortunately, by this year it was enough to send the documents by e-mail.

For the march scheduled on October 20, we began the procedure as mentioned on September 14th and we will get the last documente (from the Roadside Brigade) on October 19th.

It is obvious that the occurrence of such an event legally is hampered by the way the process unfolds.

We are waiting for you to join us on the 20th of October starting at 15:00!