Responsible citizenship Program

The “Responsible Citizenship” program aims to provide people sentenced to non-custodial sentences with the opportunity to develop participatory citizenship and prosocial skills.
The program will take place for the persons in the records of the Probation Services of Bucharest, Argeș, Călărași, Dâmbovița and Ilfov.
The objectives of the program are: knowledge of human rights and related legislation, knowledge of the rights and obligations of citizens and knowledge of the prosocial way of life.
The expected result at the end of the program is that participants will be able to analyze their actions by first complying with the law and be able to make decisions taking into account ethical principles.
The social reintegration program is developed in accordance with the provisions of H.G. 818/2018 on the approval of minimum standards for probation work for community institutions, Annex no. 2 and falls into ANNEX No. 2, Standard no. 1 lit. g) – Informative program, including legal issues.

The program is designed for:

  • 8 sessions of 90 minutes each,
  • 1 session / week but several sessions per week may be held,
  • Participation of 6 people – 12 people in a group.

GRADO – model execution agreement

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Program Delivery Service Regulations