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EN Marșul “Împreună pentru siguranța femeilor” (sâmbătă, 15 octombrie, 2016, BUCUREȘTI)

Sâmbătă, 15 octombrie, te așteptăm la Marșul “Împreună pentru siguranța femeilor!” Ieșim în stradă pentru a condamna toate formele de violență împotriva femeilor! Vrem ca femeile să fie în siguranță acasă, pe stradă, la locul de muncă, în școli și în universități. HAIDEȚI LA MARȘ ! Pentru că în fiecare zi suntem martori la diferite forme […]

Study: the costs of domestic violence

In December, 9th, the study How much costs a victim of domestic violence? was presented.  The objective of the study was to analyze the costs of public and private services for victims of domestic violence as well as for their abusers, in order to build economical arguments in favor of prevention measures. Data were gathered from: County Councils, General […]

Prison Litigation Network

In order to enhance the legal protection of detainees, as a result of fundamental rights in the EU Member States, a European network of physicians and researchers working to protect the rights of detainees will be created. This network will help improve knowledge on EU legislation, will compare existing systems in different countries to better […]

Support and education in prisons

Alternative education for minors in detention Purpose: to create a work group as a creative contest, group activities during which pro-social skills will develop and relevant information will be submited  to minors using artistic activities, literature and sports.  Read more Temporary Assistance to persons deprived of their liberty WHY? After year 90, when the prison […]