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Fighting Domestic Violence – a priority assumed and debated with the Romanian society
Public debate June 19, 2017 at the Parliament Palace

The public debate was attended by representatives of the civil society, representatives of the relevant institutions and members of Parliament. The speakers referred to the legislative amendment to be promoted and adopted in order to harmonize the national legislation with the provisions of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women […]

Final test for youths from Mioveni Penitentiary

On June 15th at Mioveni Penitentiary 9 youth have passed the final exam for the group program carried within the project „Stay Free!”. The program aimed to develop independent life skills and was carried for 3 months in weekly group meetings. Because they fullfiled the legal conditions 8 youth will receive credits. Project funded by […]

Stay Free! – Social reintegration of persons deprived of liberty

Bleib draussen! Soziale Reintegration von Strafentlassenen in Rumänien General objective: Developing a program of social reintegration of inmates. The project wants to contribute to the development of a system of services that contribute to increasing the chances of social reintegration of inmates, reducing a number of relapses and increase community safety. It is developed based […]

EN Marșul “Împreună pentru siguranța femeilor” (sâmbătă, 15 octombrie, 2016, BUCUREȘTI)

Sâmbătă, 15 octombrie, te așteptăm la Marșul “Împreună pentru siguranța femeilor!” Ieșim în stradă pentru a condamna toate formele de violență împotriva femeilor! Vrem ca femeile să fie în siguranță acasă, pe stradă, la locul de muncă, în școli și în universități. HAIDEȚI LA MARȘ ! Pentru că în fiecare zi suntem martori la diferite forme […]