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Clients of project “Ramâi liber!”

Following the activity of the project team up to October 31th, 2018 we had interviews with 311 detained persons and 199 of them signed the social services contract. Clients of the project are selected from Bucharest Jilava Penitentiary – 190 persons / 134 with signed contracts and from Mioveni Penitentiary – 121 / 63 with […]

Come To March!

Organizing the 4th edition of the March “Together for Women’s Safety!” started with the submission of the march approval application to the Bucharest City Hall on 14 September 2018 by the Filia Center on behalf of the Network of NGOs Fighting the Violence Against Women. The organizers of the march were programmed at the Commission […]

Training Activity

In the framework of the project „ Stay Free! – Rămâi liber!” today the training activity for the staff working in the Mioveni Penitenciary, Margineni Penitenciary, Bucharest – Jilava Penitenciary and GRADO Association. The training is carried by John Bergman between 15-16 Octomber 2018 and it is focused on prevention of relapse of sexual offences.

Social Reintegration Of Persons In Custody

Between June 5 – 7, in the framework of the project „Ramai Liber!”, a workshop focused on reintegration of persons in custody took place. Participants were social workers from Romanian penitenciaries, social services and NGOs. The represenatant of Swiss organisation Vebo presented the reintegration work carried within the Zurich Canton.

Second Workshop in the Republic of Moldova

On 22 February 2018, in Chisinau,the second working sessions for the development of the Instrument for Risk Assessment of Recurrence has taken place. Participantswere the representatives from the probation service, from prisons of the Republic of Moldova and experts. The Working Group examined the results of the aplication of the instrument on the selected sample […]